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Citizen Science and Maine’s Fishermen: An Enlightened Approach to the Search for Ecological Solution

by Ted Ames As a retired commercial fisherman— in addition to being a researcher and volunteer—I have a particular interest in how the shoreside world perceives fishermen, especially because we are often portrayed as frustrated antagonists of management and oppositional to enviros.” Fishermen’s participation in science, however, has the potential to change that perception. Are […]

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Maine and Climate Change: The View from Greenland

by Angus King Let me first begin by discussing why I want to talk about climate change and then I will talk about climate change itself. I have found from working in public policy now for 20-plus years that it’s relatively easy to find solutions and develop policy if you have a widespread understanding of […]

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Priorities of the U.S. Senate Aging Committee

by Susan M. Collins As a senator representing the state with the oldest median age, I am particularly focused on the well-being of America’s seniors. It has been my privilege to serve on the Senate Aging Committee since my first days in the Senate and an honor to have been elected chairman for the 114th Congress. […]

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