Special MPR issue celebrating Maine’s bicentennial available online

The fall 2020 issue of Maine Policy Review (Volume 29, No. 2), a special issue celebrating Maine’s bicentennial, is now available on MPR’s Digital Commons site. A brief look at this issue is available on MPR’s website.

The issue provides an overview of Maine’s rich history through a range of articles, essays, and commentaries. Some pieces focus on the state’s economic development and demographics. Additional articles examine the impacts of state policies on Indigenous peoples, immigrants, and people of color. Other pieces recognize the state’s natural beauty and resource wealth and assess the role of people and policies in the stewardship and development of these resources.

This MPR issue devoted to Maine’s bicentennial will serve as an important record of Maine’s past and a guide for Maine’s future.

Maine Policy Review publishes independent, peer-reviewed analyses of public policy issues important to the state. Archival issues are available on MPR’s Digital Commons.