Special Maine Policy Review issue on impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is now available

Maine Policy Review’s special issue examining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Maine is now available in both print and on MPR’s Digital Commons site. A brief look at this issue is available on MPR’s website.

The articles in MPR, Vol. 30, No. 2, fall into three broad categories. Several articles examine the measurable economic impacts of the pandemic. These pieces are followed by a series that look at responses to the pandemic by state, federal, and municipal governments, and educational and nonprofit institutions. The final collection of articles explore opportunities arising from the pandemic.

MPR’s special issue on the COVID-19 pandemic covers a wide range of topics and captures a snapshot of the impacts, responses, and opportunities in the early stages of the pandemic. This issue will serve as a record of how the state responded and we hope it offers insights to help us prepare for future crises.

A limited number of print copies are available for purchase for $15. To do so, please contact mpr@maine.edu.