Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew of ME DHHS to visit campus as Distinguished Maine Policy Fellow

On Thursday, February 20, 2020, Dr. Jeanne Lambrew the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services will visit campus as a Distinguished Maine Policy Fellow.

Distinguished Maine Policy Fellows are individuals with past or current careers as policy makers in Maine – people of distinguished status and extensive experience. Each fellow comes to campus as the guest of the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center for the day. While on campus they teach an undergraduate class, speak with faculty about the intersections of their research and public policy, and meet with UMaine administration and graduate students.

While visiting the University of Maine, Commissioner Lambrew will address the undergraduate students of Rob Glover’s Maine Government class regarding health policy in Maine. She will meet with Marci Sorg and Jamie Wren of the Grand Challenge Team to discuss the Injury Prevention Collaborative; Ben King of the Grand Challenge Team regarding metabolic disorders and infectious diseases in isolated populations in rural Maine; and Judy Walker, Kimberly Fox, and Yvonne Jonk addressing the expansion of telehealth training and use to support developmental and emotional needs of children in rural Maine schools. She will also tour the Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction Lab in Carnegie Hall.

Commissioner Lambew’s biography can be accessed on the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center website by clicking here.