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PFAS chemical bond diagram highlighting hydrogen, oxygen, fluorine, and carbon to represent the Maine Policy Matters podcast episode topic of PFAS.

S4E4 PFAS: The Forever Chemicals We Need to Know About

On this episode, we talk with Caroline Noblet, Jean MacRae, Dianne Kopec, and Caleb Goossen about PFAS (Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances) and their effects on the environment, Maine’s efforts to combat it, the public’s understanding of the issue, and how PFAS affects agricultural systems and interstate commerce. [00:00:00] Eric Miller: Hello and welcome back to Maine Policy […]

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MPR 32(1) cover of a boy drinking water from a faucet to represent the Maine Policy Matters podcast episode topic of Maine's Clean Water Act.

S4E3 Maine’s Clean Water Act: A Celebration of Progress

On this episode, we talk with Rebecca Schaffner, Chris O. Yoder, Brian Kavanah, and David L. Courtemanch about the Clean Water Act, in celebration of Maine Policy Review’s special section titled “50 Years of the Clean Water Act.” To commemorate this significant milestone of half a century since the passage of the Clean Water Act, we brought in a panel […]

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Two robot heads facing away from each other, one brown and one blue to represent the Maine Policy Matters topic of AI in research and higher education.

S4E2 AI: A New Paradigm for Research and Higher Education

On this episode of Maine Policy Matters, we talk with Ali Abedi, Salimeh Sekeh, and Peter Schilling about navigating AI in research and education. [00:00:00] Eric Miller: Hello and welcome back to Maine Policy Matters, the official podcast of the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine, where we discuss the policy matters that […]

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2023 MGSIP interns in the state house to represent the Maine Policy Matters podcast episode topic of student government interns.

S4E1 Student Government Interns: Making a Difference in Maine

On this episode of Maine Policy Matters, we’ll be talking with Peggy McKee, director of the Maine Government Summer Internship Program, to hear about the history and impact on students and government agencies. We’ll also be hearing from a few interns and their supervisors throughout the episode to get an inside look at what it’s like […]

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Margaret Chase Smith reading a document sitting on a couch. in her Skowhegan Maine home.

S3E9 Making Maine More Attractive for Young People

Today’s episode has two parts. Part one is a synopsis of Amanda Rector’s article, “Maine’s Changing Demographics: Implications for Workforce, Economy, and Policy”. Part two features an interview with Everett Beals and Michael Delorge, winners of Margaret Chase Smith Library’s 2020 essay contest. Beals’s article is titled, “Making Maine More Attractive to Young People” and […]

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S3E8 Drug Related Morbidity and Mortality in Maine: An Economic Perspective

This episode covers an article by Angela Daley, Prianka Sarker, Liam Siguad, Marcella Sorg, and Jamie Wren titled, “Drug-related Morbidity and Mortality in Maine: Lost Productivity from 2015-2020.” After briefly summarizing the article, we speak with Dr. Sorg and Prianka Sarker about the opioid epidemic and how we go about quantifying some of the costs […]

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Image of Donnell Pond nestled in a wooded area, Hancock County to represent Maine Policy Matters podcast episode on Maine's public lots.

S3E7 The Tale of Maine’s Public Lots: Loss and Recovery

This episode of Maine Policy Matters focuses on an article by Richard Barringer, Lee Schepps, Tomas Urquhart, and Martin Wilk titled “Maine’s Public Reserved Lands: A Tale of Loss and Recovery.” The authors tell the story of Maine’s public reserved lots and their history to show how efforts to maintain these lots has preserved Maine’s […]

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Empower women network logo with subtext: a diverse group of Maine women supporting, sharing and getting strong to represent Maine Policy Matters podcast episode on empowering Maine women through community leadership.

S3E6 Empowering Maine Women through Community Leadership

On this episode, we interview the authors of a 2018 MPR article entitled, “Our Path: Empower Maine Women Network and Leadership.” [00:00:00] Eric Miller: Welcome to Maine Policy Matters, a podcast from the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine. I’m Eric Miller, research Associate at the Center. Today, we’ll be following up on a […]

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Maine Policy Review 20th anniversary artwork compiling 12 previous journal covers, including Senator Margaret Chase Smith, an eagle, large apple on a desk, the American flag with a crane removing the stars, and a fist holding a pen and paper.

Special Issue on Maine’s Share Ocean—Call for Submissions

It is with great pleasure that Maine Policy Review Editors announce a call for submissions for a special issue devoted to identifying and exploring the complex issues about the ocean and coastline that will affect Maine’s future. This special issue, “Our Shared Ocean” is important and timely because of external threats, competing interests, shifting uses, policy […]

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