NEWL Alum: Shelbe Lane Moore

NEW Leadership Alum ’12 Shelbe Lane Moore is using the experiences, insights, and skills she gained in the Maine NEW Leadership program in the healthcare industry. Moore, a graduate of the Maine Business School ’13, Maine Honors College ’13, and the University of Maine School of Law ’16 works as a privacy compliance coordinator at Dartmouth-Hitchcok (D-H) in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Her role at D-H is to safeguard the privacy and security of patient information by ensuring that healthcare professionals comply with local, state, and federal laws and privacy regulations in addition to the policies of D-H and their contractual obligations with the institution.

Moore is a certified information privacy manager and a certified information privacy professional with a focus in U.S. private-sector privacy. In addition to protecting raw patient data, she also ensures that any healthcare conclusions that are drawn from that data remains confidential as well. This is a crucial step for patients to receive proper medical care as a lack of faith in privacy practices invites patients to withhold information from their healthcare providers, impeding their overall health, wellness, and course of treatment.

She has aided in the creation of a large-scale privacy program at D-H being involved in the development and implementation of privacy policy and the formulation of privacy education tools. She has also been  instrumental in advancing the overall outlook and strategic planning for data governance at D-H.

After being a program intern in the Maine NEW Leadership program, Moore has sought to give back to NEWL by actively participating in our events. She has served as an intern, an advisor, a panel moderator, and a speaker. We congratulate Shelbe on her leadership success in the healthcare field and thank her for her continued service to the NEW Leadership program.