Margaret Chase Smith Library Research Scholarships

The Margaret Chase Smith Research Scholarship provides financial support for up to two University of Maine undergraduate or graduate students to utilize the archival or museum collections of the Margaret Chase Smith Library in Skowhegan, Maine. Students are required to engage in research activities during the academic year with research being completed by the end of the spring semester.

The Margaret Chase Smith Library is an archive, museum, educational facility, and public policy center devoted to preserving the legacy of Margaret Chase Smith, promoting research into American political history, advancing the ideals of public service, and exploring issues of civic engagement. The library houses the political papers, documents, honors, photographs, and memorabilia stemming from the thirty-two year congressional career of the former United States Senator. 

Program Goals

The Margaret Chase Smith Research Scholarship program is funded through the Margaret Chase Smith Foundation. This scholarship aims to promote the study of the life and legacy of Margaret Chase Smith by undergraduate and graduate students. In completing their research projects, students develop insights into the complex relationship between archival research and the social, cultural, and policy contests related to Senator Smith. Through conducting their work, students expand their research toolkits understanding how to observe, interact with, interpret, and describe archival, material culture, and documentary data through hands-on experience.

Eligibility and Support

Eligibility: Students applying for the Margaret Chase Smith Research Scholarship must be enrolled at the University of Maine in an undergraduate or graduate academic program. Undergraduate students must have obtained junior standing. Students who are pursuing a comprehensive research project associate with the fulfillment of their degree program will be given priority. Example of this include Honors College theses, Senior Capstones, MA Theses, and Doctoral Dissertations. Student from all academic field are eligible to apply.

Support: The Margaret Chase Smith Research Scholarship provides students with a $1,500 stipend as well as funding to support the costs associated with traveling to the Margaret Chase Smith Library and overnight accommodations required to complete their research agenda. Students are required to spend a minimum of four days at the MCS Library.

For more information contact Peggy McKee.