Dear NEWL friends, supporters and alums,
I write with an update regarding our plans for Maine NEW Leadership’s 2021 program. As you might know, our 2020 residential program was canceled due to the pandemic. When we made the difficult decision to cancel, we offered those who had been admitted to the 2020 cohort the opportunity to participate in 2021. I’m pleased to share that most of these students have confirmed that they will participate this year. While we are delighted that so many who faced the disappointment of last year’s cancellation will join us this year, it means that we are not accepting new applications for the 2021 cohort. 
We truly wish we could offer our program to every Maine student who expresses interest. Please know that we are grateful for your support of our program and that we look with hope and optimism to a year of recovery from the pandemic so that we may return to normal operations in anticipation of our 2022 program. 
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Amy Blackstone, NEWL Director
Susan D’Angelo, NEWL Program Coordinator


Maine NEW Leadership Program

Maine NEW (National Education for Women) Leadership was developed to address the under-representation of women in leadership roles and in politics. It is a nonpartisan educational program designed to educate and empower young people by giving them the skills necessary to become the next generation of effective civic and political leaders. By participating in Maine NEW Leadership, participants gain a greater awareness of their own abilities to lead, their expertise and qualifications to take on a leadership role, as well as the many opportunities for them in civic life and public office.  With the skills they learn and the networks they develop, participants are empowered and energized to emerge as leaders.

Maine NEW Leadership Informational Video 

Donna K. Thornton Discusses the Importance of Maine NEW Leadership

Educate • Engage • Empower

Maine NEW (National Education for Women) Leadership hosts its annual six-day residential undergraduate student leadership training program each year in early June. We are looking for a diverse group of students who are motivated to learn about the importance of women’s participation in public life and to develop their own leadership skills.

The program includes presentations from politically active women throughout Maine, a visit with women legislators and policy advocates at the State House, and workshops for participants to actively develop leadership skills, such as public speaking, advocacy, and networking.  Participants also benefit from the experience of faculty-in-residence, a group of women public leaders who serve as mentors for students throughout their stay.


Amy Blackstone, Director,

Hon. Mary Cathcart, Special Consultant,

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