Maine Policy Review Volume 32, Number 1, Available Now

Maine Policy Review, a leading publication focusing on policy analysis and research in Maine, is excited to announce the availability of Vol. 32, No. 1, on MPR’s Digital Commons site. Print copies have been mailed to subscribers.

Vol. 32, No. 1, starts off with the Margaret Chase Smith essay by Richard Judd, which offers a history of Maine’s conservation and the successes and challenges the state faced in these efforts. Other article topics include the use of statewide survey results to understand Maine Voters’ positions on drug policy reform, how we can use Maine’s Educational Opportunity Tax Credit to better implement the Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit, and an assessment of teacher turnover in Maine schools.

Additionally, three articles explore different perspectives on the Clean Water Act in Maine: one on how science, law, and public aspirations have driven progress in Maine’s water quality, and two commentaries that assess the shortcomings of the Clean Water Act and how we can sustain the Clean Water Act’s success. Some of the authors who have written on the Clean Water Act in this issue have participated in a panel discussion on the topic, which is available as part of the Maine Policy Matters podcast.

The volume also includes the top three essays from the Margaret Chase Smith Library’s 2023 High School Essay Contest, which asked students to consider climate change and what steps governments can take to address this issue.