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Trostel’s Early Education Research Cited in BDN Op-Ed

An opinion piece published in the Bangor Daily News titled “For a strong economic future, education must be forefront” cites a study by Philip Trostel. Trostel’s study, “Path to a Better Future: The Fiscal Payoff of Investment in Early Childhood in Maine,” looks at the fiscal benefits of creating a statewide early childhood education system […]

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Trostel Report on Early Education Funding

University of Maine economics professor and Smith Center researcher Philip Trostel has published research findings on the economic  impact of early education funding. In his report “Path to a Better Future: The Fiscal Payoff of Investment in Early Childhood Development in Maine,” UMaine economic professor Philip Trostel says providing a first-rate preschool education for one […]

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Lessons learned about school district reorganization in Maine

The Bangor Daily News published a shortened version of a Maine Policy Review article by Janet Fairman and Christine Donis-Keller that provided an analysis of the school district consolidation law enacted in Maine in 2007.  The Bangor Daily News article can be found at http://bangordailynews.com/2013/02/08/opinion/lessons-learned-about-school-district-reorganization-in-maine-2/; the full Maine Policy Review article can be found at http://digitalcommons.library.umaine.edu/mpr/. […]

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