Faculty Fellows 2016-17

  • Ali Abedi

    Professor – Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Ali Abedi bio

  • Kate Beard

    Professor – Computer & Information Science / Dept. of Spatial Information Science Engineering

    Kate Beard bio

  • Mindy Crandall

    Asst. Professor – Forest Management & Economics / School of Forest Resources

    Mindy Crandall bio

  • Sandra De-Urioste Stone

    Asst. Professor – Nature-based Tourism / School of Forest Resources

    Sandra De-Urioste Stone bio

  • Douglas Gardner

    Professor – Forest Operations, Bioproducts & Bioenergy / School of Forest Resources and Advanced Structures and Composites Center

    Douglas Gardner bio

  • Jacquelyn Gill

    Asst. Professor – Paleoecology & Plant Ecology / School of Biology and Ecology; Climate Change Institute

    Jacquelyn Gill bio

  • Hamish Greig

    Asst. Professor – Stream Ecology / School of Biology and Ecology

    Hamish Greig bio

  • Heather Hamlin

    Asst. Professor – Aquaculture Research Institute

    Heather Hamlin bio

  • Teresa Johnson

    Assoc. Professor – School of Marine Sciences; Cooperating Professor in the Dept. of Anthropology & the School of Policy and International Affairs; UMaine Fellow, Sen. George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions

    Teresa Johnson bio

  • Lee Karp-Boss

    Associate Professor – School of Marine Sciences

    Lee Karp-Boss bio

  • Sharon Klein

    Asst. Professor – School of Economics

    Sharon Klein bio

  • Jordan LaBouff

    Asst. Professor – CLAS-Honors Preceptor / Dept. of Psychology; Honors College

    Jordan LaBouff bio

  • Caroline Noblet

    Asst. Professor – School of Economics

    Noblet bio

  • Philip Trostel

    Professor, School of Economics and MCS Policy Center


    Trostel bio

  • Rick Wahle

    Research Professor, School of Marine Sciences

    Rick Wahle bio

  • Aaron Weiskittel

    Assoc. Professor – Forest Biometrics and Modeling & Irving Chair of Forest Ecosystem Management, School of Forest Resources

    Aaron Weiskittel bio

  • Robert Wheeler

    Assoc. Professor – Microbiology / Dept. of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences

    Robert Wheeler bio