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First Quarter Maine Drug Death Report with Estimates for Second Quarter–January–March, 20202020Marcella H. Sorg
Maine Energy Overview2020School of Economics Staff Paper 636Mariya Pominova
Jonathan Rubin
The Economic Contribution of Logging and Trucking in Maine2020Megan Bailey
Mindy S. Crandall
Anil Raj Kizha
Sheldon Green
Expanded Maine Drug Death Report, 20182019Marcella H. Sorg
Expanded Maine Drug Death Report for 20172018Marcella H. Sorg
Expanded Maine Drug Death Report for 20162017Marcella H. Sorg
Sharing Isn’t Easy: Food Waste and Food Redistribution in Maine K–12 Schools2017Maine Policy ReviewBrieanne Berry
Ann Acheson
The Fiscal Implications of Inadequate Retirement Savings in Maine2017Philip A. Trostel
Moving up the Waste Hierarchy in Maine: Learning from “Best Practice” State-Level Policy for Waste Reduction and Recovery2016Maine Policy ReviewCindy Isenhour
Travis Blackmer
Travis Wagner
Linda Silka
John Peckenham
David Hart
Jean MacRae
Patterns of Drug-induced Mortality in Maine, 2015 Update2016Maine Policy Review
Marcella H. Sorg
Margaret Greenwald
Jamie A. Wren
The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Potential Economic Impact on Maine2016Maine Policy ReviewCatherine R. deLutio
Philip A. Trostel
Regional Credit Trading: Economic and GHG Impacts of a National Low Carbon Fuel Standard2015Transportation Research RecordJonathan Rubin
It’s Not Just the Money The Benefits of College Education to Individuals and to Society2015Philip A. Trostel
Biofuels Development in Maine: Using Trees to Oil the Wheels of Sustainabilty2015Maine Policy ReviewCaroline L. Noblet
Mario F. Teisl
Katherine H. Farrow
Jonathan Rubin
Woody Biomass Supply, Economics, Biofuel Policy: Maine and Northeastern Forests2015Transportation Research RecordJonathan Rubin
Binod Neupane
Stephanie Whalley
Sharon Klein
Energy Security Implications of a National Low Carbon Fuel Standard2013Energy PolicyJonathan Rubin
Energy in Maine2012Kate Dickerson