William “Bill” Davids

Davids’ primary research interests are in the areas of wood mechanics and engineered wood composites, bridge engineering, inflatable structures, and the analysis of concrete and asphalt pavements. His research projects often encompass both experimental work and the development of problem-specific numerical analysis techniques. He has significant expertise in computational structural mechanics and numerical methods, which he has applied to areas ranging from the structural analysis of inflatable fabric arches to the development of software for the finite-element analysis of concrete and asphalt pavements. Davids’ is the primary developer of EverFE, a software package for the linear and nonlinear 3D finite element analysis of jointed plain concrete pavements that couples a highly interactive graphical user interface and object-oriented C++ finite element code. Bill has also co-developed the program EverStressFE, a 3D finite-element analysis program for flexible pavements that incorporates a variety of advanced analysis and unique visualization capabilities.