Amber Tierney

Amber Tierney, PhD, is our newest sociology professor. She comes to us from Hartwick College, a liberal arts institution located in upstate New York. Amber completed her dissertation in September 2017 to receive her PhD in Sociology from the University of California, Irvine. She also holds Master’s degrees in Political Science (University of California, Riverside) and Public Policy (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo).  Amber’s main research interests are in the areas of social & criminal justice, (cr)immigration, social movements, race/ethnicity, citizenship, media, and public policy. Amber is committed to work that connects theory to justice in academia and the nonprofit and technology sectors. Her work has been published in Mobilization, Research in Social Movements, Conflict, and Change, Sociology Compass, and in edited volumes, such as Players and Arenas: The Interactive Dynamics of Protest and in The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Social Policy. As a native Northern Californian, Amber has fallen in love with the beautiful Maine landscape and unique opportunities afforded by UMaine. Amber is enthusiastic to learn more about the community and to continue to cultivate a civically engaged pedagogy, scholarship, and community service in this new frontier.