Allyson Eslin

Allyson Eslin is a second-year graduate student from Bangor, Maine, and is currently completing work for a dual master’s in economics and global policy at the University of Maine. Allyson graduated in 2017 as the valedictorian of her class at UMaine – and completed two bachelor’s degrees in three majors: Economics, Political Science, and Psychology. She interned for Maine’s junior senator, Senator Angus King, in 2016 – and spent her final year as an undergraduate as the editor in chief of The Maine Campus, one of the longest running student newspapers in Maine. As a research assistant since 2013, Allyson has made her passion for sustainability the focus of her work, spanning from aquaculture to autonomous vehicles, charitable giving, and renewable energy. In her time with Senator King she maintained this interest, and concentrated on strengthening American energy and natural resources. She intends to return to D.C. following her anticipated graduation in 2019.