Maine Policy Minute

artificial intelligence

Maine’s Workforce Challenges in an Age of Artificial Intelligence

(Two-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: Joseph W. McDonnell, professor of public policy and management at the Muskie School at the University of Southern Maine, argues that Maine needs to upgrade workforce skills through training programs for workers and revamped postsecondary education programs. With the economic changes wrought by artificial intelligence, the relationship between government, employers, […]

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crystal ball

Toward a Working-Waterfront Ethic: Preserving Access to Maine’s Coastal Economy, Heritage and Local Seafood

(Two-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: Robert Snyder, the executive vice-president of the Island Institute, highlights how Maine created a working-waterfront ethnic that is spreading throughout coastal communities in the U.S. through the adoption of single and multi-generation policies that aim to ensure there will always be access points for fisherfolk to harvest from the sea. […]

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gun control

Gun Control: State Versus Federal Regulation of Firearms

(Two-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: Attorney, and President of Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence, William S. Harwood closely examines the complexities of whether or not firearms are best controlled by state or federal governments. He argues that a cooperative approach, where the federal government creates uniform regulations and sets a minimum baseline for gun control […]

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Image of overweight women balancing heart health and pie on a scale

Top 10 Health Issues Faced by Maine People

(90-Second Read) Policy in Brief: Maine’s Bureau of Health Director, Dr. Dora Mills, argues that more proactive policies at the local, state, and national levels, and changes to our surrounding environments, can greatly alleviate the top health issues faced by Maine’s people. Fascinating Features:The 10 Health Issues Faced by Maine People Access to Health Care […]

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