Maine Policy Minute

Are Libraries Necessary? Are Libraries Obsolete?

(Three-Minute Read) “Libraries are under siege!” —Silka and Rumery Policy in Brief: Are libraries becoming obsolete? Are they still necessary in the twenty-first century? In this post, Linda Silka and Joyce Rumery provide readers with an overview of the importance and complexity of the issues underlying two competing visions for how Maine’s libraries will continue […]

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Image of smoke stack pollution being cleared away by wind energy.

Maine’s Climate Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

(Four-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: In this post, a research team from the University of Maine highlights the changes that Maine’s climate is likely to undergo over the next century. They suggest that while reducing greenhouse gases is crucial, Maine needs to be prepared to adapt to the impacts that are already happening due to […]

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basic income illustration

Universal Basic Income: Policy Options at National, State, and Local Levels

(Three-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: In this article, Michael W. Howard, professor of philosophy at the University of Maine, defines universal basic income (herein UBI), highlights the arguments in favor, refutes the main arguments against, and provides policy options for the implementation of UBI at the national, state, and local levels. Fascinating Features: UBI refers […]

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signs in the woods

Public Access to Privately Owned Land in Maine

(Two-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: James M. Acheson, professor emeritus of anthropology and marine sciences at the University of Maine, argues that the “open land” tradition in Maine has huge economic implications, especially for the state’s tourism industry. However, in recent years there has been a substantial increase in land posting, largely in response to […]

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Quotes regarding the humanities and policy

Why the Humanities are Necessary to Public Policy, and How

(90-Second Read) Policy in Brief: Anna Sims Bartel, associate director of Cornell University’s Center for Engaged Learning and Research, argues that if public policy exists to guide and govern human behavior then policymakers need critical self-reflection, recognition of natural and human systems, awareness of our mutual interdependence, commitments to equity, fairness, and democracy, as well […]

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Image shows truck full of Maine graduates depicting them as a product.

Twenty-First-Century Language Education at the University of Maine: A Road Map

(Two-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: Gisela Hoecherl-Alden, assistant dean and director of language instruction at Boston University, argues that UMaine needs to adapt one of the language education models that other universities have successfully implemented if it wants to remain an important regional player and attract high-performing students who are interested in global professional issues. […]

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Local Politics from Away

(90-Second Read) Title: The Margaret Chase Smith Essay: Local Politics from Away Policy in Brief: Matthew Bourque, a political science and social studies education double major at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, reflects upon the uniqueness of Maine politics. He argues that despite the national political scene entering an era of divisive politics, characterized by […]

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political parties

The Independent Party Panacea?

(Three-minute read) Policy in Brief: Daniel M. Shea, professor of government at Colby College, argues that despite the enthusiasm towards third-party candidates running for president in 2020, that departing from the two-party system will only lead to disappointment, gridlock and frustration, and an increasing crisis of legitimacy in American politics. Fascinating Features: Historically, great change […]

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map of temperature cutoffs

What Is “Too Cold”? Recess and Physical Education Weather Policies in Maine Elementary Schools

(Two-minute read) Policy in Brief: Researchers investigated weather policies concerning outdoor recess and physical education in Maine. They gathered data through a statewide survey of Maine elementary school principals, interviews, and an analysis of existing school administrative regulations. This information, combined with a decade of historic weather data, revealed a significant correlation between geographic location and […]

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mpr covers

Reflections: Looking at Maine’s Recurring Issues

(Three-Minute Read) The summer 2019 issue of Maine Policy Review once again brings insightful articles about Maine’s pressing policy concerns. Within its pages readers learn about Tourism in “Reshaping Maine Woods Destinations for Twenty-First Century Tourists“ Postsecondary Language Education in “Twenty-First Century Language Education at the University of Maine: A Road Map“ Elementary education weather policies […]

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