Maine Policy Minute


Priorities of the U.S. Senate Aging Committee

(Two-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: Senator Susan M. Collins, discusses her experiences on the Senate Aging Committee and serving as its chair for the 114th Congress. This committee has three major priorities: investing in biomedical research targeting diseases that disproportionately affect older Americans, such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes; protecting seniors against financial exploitation and scams; […]

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fall 2018 cover

Income Security, Disruptive Technologies, and Addressing the Social Safety Net: Policy Perspectives on Universal Basic Income

(Two-minute read) Policy in Brief: Eight world-renouned experts in fields such as philosophy, economics, law, political science, history, and sociology debate Universal Basic Income. Fascinating Features: Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a program that provides payments to everyone in a given community—whether local, state, or national. This stipend would have no strings attached and individuals […]

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Image of wind power

Workforce Investment in Maine’s New Energy Economy

(Two-minute Read) Policy in Brief: Robert E. Brown, the executive director of Opportunity Maine and Clifford M. Ginn, president of Opportunity Maine discuss workforce development to create a new energy economy in Maine based on efficiency. By mirroring policies and practices elsewhere, Maine could position itself to take advantage of “green economy” workforce funds and […]

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An Interview with Artist Rob Shetterly

(Two-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: Cover artist for Maine Policy Review Rob Shetterly came to Maine in 1970, as part of the back-to-the-land movement. He lived off the grid for 11-years and taught himself how to draw and paint in his downtime. He has no formal training, but has worked for several Maine publications since the […]

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Eagle holding admission ticket to Maine Woods

Tourism Strategy for the Maine Woods: A Big Push to World Class

(Two-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: David Vail, professor of economics and former director of environmental studies at Bowdoin College, argues that the North Maine Woods’ current mix of natural, cultural, and hospitality assets are not sufficiently unique, outstanding, or networked to draw in large numbers of new overnight visitors making it a world class travel […]

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Image of Sleeping Infant

Early Childhood Health

(Four-minute read) Policy in Brief: The prenatal and early childhood period are considered the most vulnerable chapter in a person’s life. Dora Anne Mills describes the ways in which poverty, health insurance, pregnancy, early growth and development, infectious and chronic disease, oral health, environmental health, injury, mental health and physical activity and nutrition affect children. […]

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Are Libraries Necessary? Are Libraries Obsolete?

(Three-Minute Read) “Libraries are under siege!” —Silka and Rumery Policy in Brief: Are libraries becoming obsolete? Are they still necessary in the twenty-first century? In this post, Linda Silka and Joyce Rumery provide readers with an overview of the importance and complexity of the issues underlying two competing visions for how Maine’s libraries will continue […]

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Image of smoke stack pollution being cleared away by wind energy.

Maine’s Climate Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

(Four-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: In this post, a research team from the University of Maine highlights the changes that Maine’s climate is likely to undergo over the next century. They suggest that while reducing greenhouse gases is crucial, Maine needs to be prepared to adapt to the impacts that are already happening due to […]

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basic income illustration

Universal Basic Income: Policy Options at National, State, and Local Levels

(Three-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: In this article, Michael W. Howard, professor of philosophy at the University of Maine, defines universal basic income (herein UBI), highlights the arguments in favor, refutes the main arguments against, and provides policy options for the implementation of UBI at the national, state, and local levels. Fascinating Features: UBI refers […]

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signs in the woods

Public Access to Privately Owned Land in Maine

(Two-Minute Read) Policy in Brief: James M. Acheson, professor emeritus of anthropology and marine sciences at the University of Maine, argues that the “open land” tradition in Maine has huge economic implications, especially for the state’s tourism industry. However, in recent years there has been a substantial increase in land posting, largely in response to […]

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