Maine Policy Review and the Culture of Engagement

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Policy in Brief:

Executive editor Linda Silka provides her reflections on the journal and highlights the exciting features of the latest issue.

Fascinating Features:

The latest issue of MPR offers thoughtful policy analyses by diverse authors on a range of policy issues confronting Mainers such as:

  • How can we attract new people to our state as we struggle with outmigration of young people?
  • How can we prepare for climate change in our coastal areas?
  • How can the latest research on cooperation science be used to address problems in Maine’s local food system?
  • How can the data on the demographics of suicide be used to craft effective suicide-prevention polices?

MPR’s coverage of these topics is unique in that the authors not only analyze the problems but also suggest solutions based on good policy and good science.

A major strength of MPR is the continued coverage of timely policy issues by authors who bring their deep and extensive understanding of relevant research to policy analysis and recommendations.

Maine is also unique in its culture of engagement. Most states do not have a nonpartisan resource that beings together science and policy. Although Maine faces many challenges, other states look towards Maine as an example of how individuals can work alongside one another to fix pressing policy matters.


People Silka encounters at conferences across the nation are interested in learning how to build the culture of engagement in communities that we have long had in Maine. She urges us to take advantage of what we have and talk together across out differences and drawing upon our similarities. If a group would like to have MPR staff discuss an article or an issue with them, contact

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Silka, Linda. “Maine Policy Review and the Culture of Engagement.” Maine Policy Review 28.2 (2019) : 9.

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Maine Policy Review 28.2 (2019)