Internship FAQs for Supervisors

What is the application deadline and when will I hear back?

The application deadline for requesting an intern is March 1st. Please give us as much notice as you can and we will work with you if you can’t make that deadline. After our selection committee meets in mid-March we will offer you our recommended candidate(s) for your input. Then we will offer the job to the student and confirm with you when the intern accepts the job. It is usually mid to late April before all positions are filled. When a student accepts your job, we then put you in contact with the student. Feel free to inquire at any time.

What types of projects do interns work on?

You can see some of the sample projects (pdf) here. You should design at least one major project which the intern can complete or contribute to over the summer. Daily office work is often a part of the job, but should not be a majority of the intern duties. Consider that this is a learning experience for the intern and try to provide as much exposure to professional opportunities as you can.

How much does the intern cost?

Internship positions are full-time (40 hours per week). Interns will earn a minimum of $15.00 per hour over 12 weeks paid by the host agency (withholdings and contributions will apply). Some agencies who are able to may pay the intern a higher rate. An additional administrative fee of $250 per intern will be invoiced by the Policy Center.

How are students selected to be interns?

An internal and an external selection committee review all student applications along with the positions available and identify students who best match the requirements for each position. Please be as specific as possible in describing the skills and experience needed for your job.

Is there an interview?

There is no formal interview, though some supervisors may want to have a phone call with an applicant before a decision is made. If you wish to speak with the candidate before we offer the job, we ask that you plan to do so within 2-3 days. Particularly for first time supervisors, we consult with you before final selection to be sure we understand the job requirements. Please be sure you include all relevant information in your application documents.

When should I contact my intern?

Please plan to communicate with your intern within two weeks of selection. During the summer you should plan to meet weekly with your intern.

What if I, or my intern, can’t start on the program start date?

We try to hold to the dates of the program, but there are sometimes exceptions because some schools go into June or perhaps project funding is delayed. By mutual agreement a supervisor and intern can determine an exception to the program start or end date, if the nature of the internship allows.