Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

Marcella Sorg
Susan Corbet in VEMI Lab

The Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center is a nonpartisan, independent research and public service unit of the University of Maine (UMaine). Created in 1989, the Center was named to continue the legacy of Senator Margaret Chase Smith who served as a model of civil discourse and integrity.

Our Mission

The Policy Center informs public policy processes and societal decision-making through timely research and applied public policy activities focused on critical issues facing Maine and the nation.

Our Vision

The Policy Center serves as the state’s premier resource for applied public policy research and engagement.

Our Values

In the spirit of the Honorable Margaret Chase Smith, we strive to advance a tradition of independent, objective research designed to support effective, transparent, and equitable policy processes. The Policy Center values open communication grounded in civility and a willingness to engage respectfully across differences. Building a sense of community through collaboration is core to our aspiration to improve policy. We value inclusive communication that aims to advance relationships among policymakers, community leaders, and students, faculty, and staff of the University of Maine.