Maine NEW Leadership – “I went from I can’t to of course I can”

Maine NEW Leadership, developed to address the under-representation of women in politics, is designed to educate and empower young leaders by giving them the skills necessary to become the next generation of effective civic and political leaders.  The program includes presentations from politically active women throughout Maine, a visit with women legislators and policy advocates at the State House, and workshops for participants to actively develop leadership skills, such as public speaking, advocacy, and networking.  Participants also benefit from the experience of faculty-in-residence, a group of women public leaders who serve as mentors for students throughout their stay.

By participating in Maine NEW Leadership, participants gain a greater awareness of their leadership potential, skills, and opportunities in civic life and public office.  With the skills they learn and the networks they develop, participants are empowered and energized to emerge as leaders.  As one graduate of the program stated, “I left feeling inspired and having a new-found sense of enthusiasm for continuing to be a proactive member in Maine’s wonderful communities.  I feel confident that I can make a difference.”

Transcript for Maine NEW Leadership – “I went from I can’t to of course I can”