Madison Waterman – The Fight For Madam President

Madison Waterman, a Maine senior Political Science and Spanish double major received the MCS Library Research Scholarship in 2017. Her research project for her senior Political Science capstone examined the perceptions of women as candidates for national office.

Madison examined Senator Smith’s archives related to her nomination as a candidate and her subsequent presidential campaign. After careful analysis of internal campaign materials, scrapbooks, transcripts of speeches, and interviews, Madison highlighted “the ways in which Senator Smith presented herself as a candidate and how she was treated by the media and the Republican Party.” Using comparative analysis, Waterman then juxtaposed Margaret Chase Smith’s candidacy with that of the first female Democratic candidate to have her name placed in nomination, Rep. Shirley Chisholm.

Click the link below to read research paper written by Margaret Chase Smith Library Research Scholarship recipient Madison Waterman.

The Fight for Madam President: A Case Study of the Presidential Campaigns of Senator Margaret Chase Smith and Representative Shirley Chisholm