The 2019 Maine Government Summer Internship Program has a Vast Geographic Impact

Every year, through the Maine Government Summer Internship Program, the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center pairs talented college students—from a broad variety of majors—with supervisors in a closely related field. During this internship program, these students contribute to state and local governments benefiting a diverse array of rural and urban communities throughout the state. For their part, students gain invaluable work experience, make professional connections, and gain insights into their own career aspirations.

This year, we accepted 63 students out of a highly qualified applicant pool of 265 students from colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. These interns work in 14 municipalities, 15 state departments, and 1 county government office. Though most of the interns attend school in Maine, and work in internships in the Augusta area, this Google Map highlights the vast geographic impact of the Maine Government Summer Internship Program and how the MCS Policy Center and the University of Maine impacts communities throughout Maine, the United States, and the world. The green pins represent the students’ hometowns, the red pins are the students’ colleges and universities, and the blue pins are the governmental agencies where these interns work. Click here to explore further.