Maine Policy Review’s Special Issue on Leadership Available

leadership coverIt is with great pleasure that we bring you this special Maine Policy Review issue on leadership. Over a year in the making, this issue captures the broad array of work on leadership in Maine, exciting work that continues to build Maine’s national visibility in the leadership arena. It is no coincidence that we are publishing an MPR issue on leadership at this time. We are doing so to celebrate the qualities of leadership reflected in the work of Mary Cathcart, who has recently retired from her position as senior policy fellow at the Margaret Chase Smith
Policy Center.

This MPR issue delves into the full array of leadership issues in Maine. You will learn about leadership programs in Maine in many different contexts: business, K–12 education, higher education, health care and nonprofit organizations, politics, and tourism. The articles show leaders who encounter unique challenges and cover leadership training aimed at different groups: nonprofits, youth, municipal leaders, and teachers.

We hope that this issue will advance discussions on leadership throughout the state. You can read brief descriptions of all the articles on our website or download pdfs of the full articles from Digital Commons. Or read it on your phone or tablet.

Maine Policy Review publishes independent, peer-reviewed analyses of public policy issues important to the state. Archival issues are also available on UMaine’s Digital Commons.