Celebrating Summer Interns

The final reception for the Maine Government Summer Interns was held at the Blaine House to recognize the contribution of the student interns and their supervisors to Maine state and local government. The internship program this year hosted 39 students for summer internships in locations throughout Maine. Interns were undergraduate, graduate and law students who either attend school in Maine or are residents of the state studying elsewhere. The interns worked for 12 weeks in 11 different state government departments, 6 municipal governments and a regional planning commission. Their projects included transportation planning, energy engineering, public relations, forestry, policy research, accounting, biological lab work, GIS, public works, city administration, and much more.

Aaron Chadbourne, senior policy advisor to Gov. LePage, addressed the interns at the Blaine House reception, emphasizing the value and importance of their work for Maine as well as eliciting stories of what they learned from their experience. We thank this year’s supervisors for creating terrific learning experiences for their interns and hope that future years are equally successful. Good luck in the future to all our interns!