State Treasurer Terry Hayes, Distinguished Maine Policy Fellow

Maine State Treasurer Terry Hayes visited UMaine on February 23 as part of the Center’s Distinguished Maine Policy Fellows (DMPF) Program. The program brings prominent Maine policy makers to campus for a day to teach an undergraduate class, engage with faculty on research and public policy issues, and meet with UMaine administration and graduate students. Her visit was hosted by the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center and co-sponsored by the Maine Business School.

During her visit, Treasurer Hayes guest lectured in a Foundations of Leadership class, met with faculty in the Maine Business School, took a student-led tour of the Maine Business School’s Capital Markets training lab, and met with several UMaine administrators including Dr. Ivan Manev, Dean of the Maine Business School; Jake Ward, Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development; and Sarah Doheny, Director of Student Financial Aid.

Terry Hayes was re-elected by a bipartisan majority at the Joint Convention of the 128th Maine Legislature to the office of State Treasurer for 2017-2018. She is the first Unenrolled Treasurer in Maine’s history.