Report from the Maine Government Summer Internship Program

The Maine Government Summer Internship Program placed 39 students in full-time internship positions with state, local, and regional agencies in Maine this past summer.  Student projects included communications, GIS, bridge engineering, transportation planning, city administration, education research and more. The report on this year’s program is now available.

Supervisors praised the work of their interns who completed projects that in some cases may have taken years for the staff to accomplish. Interns’ work included producing publications, researching tourism development, developing options for land use and transportation, mapping for emergency management agencies, producing videos, and leading client mediations. As one supervisor noted, “This is a great way to give a student a chance to find out how government works.”

2016 was a very successful  year, with students saying, “I learned so much in such a short period of time and was able to get some valuable experience in the field I want to go into,” and “I’ve learned more about actual engineering this summer than I have in my entire college career.”

The report on the internship program is available on our website and will be distributed to all members of the Maine Legislature.

See the 2016 Internship Report

For more information on the Maine Government Summer Internship Program please see the website.

Maine Government Summer Internship Program