Distinguished Maine Policy Fellow Chandler Woodcock

Chandler Woodcock, December 3, 2012

As Commissioner of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Chandler Woodcock is responsible for ensuring that the State of Maine maintains its fisheries and wildlife resources for their intrinsic and ecological values; their economic contribution; and their recreational, scientific and educational use by the people of the State.

The Department’s program focuses on the management of the State’s inland fish and wildlife; enforcement; applied research studies; surveys and inventories; program development (planning); artificial propagation and stocking of fish and wildlife; coordination of Department interests between state and federal agencies and the private sector; environmental coordination; the search for lost persons; the registration of watercraft, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles; hunter/trapper education programs; and hunter, snowmobile, boating and ATV safety programs.

A day with us at UMaine

Chandler Woodcock will be at the University of Maine for a full day of activities on December 3, 2012, including meeting with groups of UMaine faculty and students, tours of UMaine facilities, and making class presentations.

Sponsored by Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center and the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture.