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Maine Government Summer Internship Program - FAQs

Questions regarding the Maine Government Summer Internship Program

Am I eligible to apply?

In order to compete for the Internship Program, a student must currently be enrolled in a Maine college, or be a Maine resident enrolled elsewhere, and have successfully completed a minimum of two years of college. Students currently graduating from undergraduate and graduate programs also are eligible. Students who previously have participated as Interns in this program are not eligible.

Are positions available for students with my college major?

Intern selections are made by identifying those students who best match the requirements for each position. Please review prior years’ Program Reports to see the variety of college majors and types of intern projects in those years.

Are there GPA requirements to be an intern?

While there are no minimum GPA requirements for being selected as an intern, the selection process is competitive. Selections are based on the quality of application materials, coursework and experience in relation to the requirements of the positions available.

Can I receive academic credit for my internship?

The Maine Government Summer Internship Program does not grant academic credit. Students seeking academic credit must make arrangements with their academic advisor at their own college or university.

What positions will be available this coming summer?

At this time we do not know what positions will be available. State and municipal agencies request interns at the same time that students submit their applications. The availability and types of positions are dependent on agency funding and particular needs.

How much does the internship pay?

Internship positions are full-time (40 hours per week). Interns will earn $10.00 per hour over 12 weeks for a total of $4,800 (certain withholdings and contributions will apply).

If I am awarded an internship position, where will I be working?

Nearly all internship positions are located within the capital area (Augusta, Gardner, Hallowell). There may be positions available in other areas of the state. Carefully consider where you will be willing to work during the summer when completing related questions on the application.  The program does not offer housing or transportation (Some positions provide a work vehicle). There will be a select number of municipal/county internships. Locations will be announced when the application process opens.

How are students selected to be interns?

Interns are selected by a selection committee. The committee reviews all student applications and positions available and identifies those students who best match the requirements for each position. Students are encouraged to be as specific as possible in describing their skills and experience when submitting their application materials.

When are students notified if they have been selected?

Students selected will be contacted by the end of March and will be given one week to accept the position offered. Students not selected will be notified once all positions have been filled.

Thank you for your interest in the Maine Government Summer Internship Program.

Please contact Peggy McKee at for any further questions.

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