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About Us

The Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center is a nonpartisan, independent, research and public service unit of the University of Maine. Created in 1990, the Center is an important component of Maine’s public land grant University in terms of the capacity and responsibility to contribute to the larger public good. The Center was named for Senator Margaret Chase Smith to continue her legacy: a model of civil discourse and integrity. The Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center is dedicated to improving and promoting the quality of public dialogue about state, regional, and national policy issues through applied policy research and community engagement. Our research is interdisciplinary in that it cuts across departmental lines and brings together faculty, students and external policy experts to address issues confronting the state and nation. We strive to continue our tradition of independent and objective inquiry – in the spirit of the respected Maine senator for whom we are named. The strength of our staff is our depth and range of substantive knowledge, our commitment to working collaboratively, and our ability to integrate our combined expertise.

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